My Trip to Australia - March 2002

My trip to Australia was wonderful. I have been back just a few hours and I already miss my new mates and the beautiful country...both welcomed me with open arms! Even though I'm now physically far away, they have a special place in my heart and will always be near to me. It truly was a home away from home and I know it's only a matter of time before I return.

But now it's time to share the tales of my travels with all of you as promised. I kept good notes and took a few hundred pictures. On this website I will give a day by day account of my trip with a picture or two from each day. If you have ANY questions about anything or would like more details, just ask. If any of my family or friends would like a complete CD with ALL(or most) of the photos, just let me know. I'm happy to share, but due to space limitations I'm just putting a handful of pictures on the web.

To my Aussie mates, if I forgot anything(or included too much)...or, god forbid, if I got anything wrong...please let me know!

Feb 28 - 24 Hours from SBA-LAX-AUK-MEL
Mar 01 - The Missing Day?!
Mar 02 - Arrival, St. Andrew's, Market, Music Festival
Mar 03 - Walk to Masons Falls, Lovegrove Winery
Mar 04 - Healesville Animal Sanctuary, Boronia, "Conversations with the Dead"
Mar 05 - Hike in Dandenongs National Park, "Rabbit-Proof Fence", Dinner Tram Ride
Mar 06 - Souvenir Shopping in Melbourne, Sailboat Race/Yacht Club
Mar 07 - Helped Angie Move
Mar 08 - Road Trip...Bonnie Doon, Mansfield, Stockyard
Mar 09 - Day 1 Horseback
Mar 10 - Day 2 Horseback
Mar 11 - Day 3 Horseback, Party at Mansfield Pub
Mar 12 - Hitch Hike back to Van...Road Trip to King's Cross, Sydney
Mar 13 - Cooee Backpackers Hostel, Vertigo Simulator Ride, Aquarium, Waterfront Restaurant
Mar 14 - Jet-Boat Ride, Ferry Ride, Harbour Bridge Climb, Johns Myth @ The Metro
Mar 15 - Road Trip...New Castle & Port Stephens, Go-Karts
Mar 16 - Picnic, Hawk's Nest, Hike, Dolphins, Swim, Cards
Mar 17 - Start 5-Day Solo Trip, Homeless Night in Coff's Harbour
Mar 18 - Day in Coff's Harbour, Hog's Breath Cafe
Mar 19 - Train back to Sydney, Country Inn Hotel
Mar 20 - Blue Mountains-Featherdale Wildlife Park, Darling Harbour
Mar 21 - IMAX Movies, Maritime Museum, Ovenight Train to Melbourne
Mar 22 - Back to St. Andrew's, BBQ at Georgie's Dad's House
Mar 23 - Lazy Morning, Market, Lovegrove Winery
Mar 24 - Longest Day Ever, 24 Hours back to SBA, Help Sylvia Pack, Back to the Ranch

Sunset in Port Stephens

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