Mar 18 - Day in Coff's Harbour, Hog's Breath Cafe

A little after 7am, I noticed the Foreshores Cafe was setting up. I'd seen their sign earlier that they opened at 7:30. I walked that direction and they invited me in. I ordered at 7:15am and was eating at 7:30. Things were picking up. CountryLink opened around the corner at 8am. During the night, I had decided not to head to Byron Bay(I was sheduled to arrive 10pm) and I liked the idea of getting closer to Melbourne instead of further away. So I changed my ticket to catch the train back to Sydney the next morning. I also booked a 4 star hotel for both my nights there and I booked a day trip to the Blue Mountains...something I wanted to do, but didn't think I'd have a chance to do this trip. I then walked across the street to the Caribbean Motel. The guy was really nice and let me check in early, at 9am...yea! I had a shower and debated on immediate sleep or a walk to the shops across the street. I knew if I slept, they might be closed by the time I woke up. I had done some window shopping the night before and wanted to check out a couple of them. First I went to the art store that had mostly all beach, boat kinda art. I bought some nice hand-painted postcards. Then I went down a few stores to the Wahoo Surf Shop. I wanted to get a pair of shorts. I got a nice pair(I didn't even realize they were on sale). I also picked up a couple little souvenirs. I talked to the owner(Peter) for over an hour, and I was dead tired mind you. He was REALLY cool. We talked mostly about small town living and a bit about our travels around Australia. I decided I'd better eat in case every place was closed when I woke up. I got a burger and fries from a little deli, Donninni's, and then a few groceries. One last stop at the PO across the street from my hotel to get some more stamps. Then, FINALLY, Sleep. 5 VERY GOOD HOURS OF COMFORTABLE SLEEP...a slice of heaven! I would have probably went right back to sleep, but I was dying to try the Hog's Breath Cafe down the street. So I went and had a delicious prime rib dinner. I flipped on the TV back at the hotel and watched 1 1/2 episodes of South Park Reruns. Then I slept soundly til 6:30am.

Hog's Breath Cafe

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