Mar 17 - Start 5-Day Solo Trip, Homeless Night in Coff's Harbour

I woke up first at 7:30am. Georgie had the van key last, so I waited for her to wake up at 8am. She didn't have it, and we searched for 2 hours til Brooke & Pip got up. No one can find it anywhere. DOH! It was in Georgie's vest pocket. My fault, I was keeper of the key. We looked at the pictures I took the day before and some of Pip & Brooke in an album. Then we said our "SeeYa Laters". I was a bit sad to be leaving my new mates so soon, we had a such a great time together and they are wonderful people.

Georgie dropped me off at the train station. I felt a bit bad that she had to drive all the way back to Melbourne by herself. My train kept getting delayed, but I didn't mind as I was writing postcards. The train got there over 2 hours late. So I got into Coff's Harbour after 11pm. I wasn't worried til I found out the town shut down completely at 10pm. I walked from one end of town to the other. It was a touristy little beach town and there are a ton of motels, but they were all closed for the night. I found a couple that had night bells, but no one answered. I didn't see a single pedestrian and only a couple of cars that weren't willing to stop. By the time I got back to the train station I was pretty tired from walking and sleepy, so I slept for about an hour on the train station floor. It was pretty uncomfortable. I got up and went for a little walk around outside. When I got back the doors were locked. I walked down to the beach and out to the end of the pier. As soon as I reached the end, a form appeared in the water. At first it looked like a shark, but soon I saw the horizontal tail fin and knew it was a dolphin. After a few seconds, he surfaced and said hello, swirling around in the water for a few minutes before swimming off into the darkness. I was fairly exhausted and walked back to the train station and slept on an outside bench(see below) from 4-5am. Then it finally got a little too cool for shorts and a T-Shirt. I was travelling light and had the bare minimum in my small backpack. I walked around til sunrise. People started to wake up, but nothing was open yet.

Where I slept from 4-5am

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