Mar 16 - Picnic, Hawk's Nest, Hike, Dolphins, Swim, Cards

Georgie and I Slept in. The girls went to the store to get some supplies. Pip and I were talking and he figured it's too late to go to Barrington Tops National Park like we'd originally planned. So we make alternate plans to go to Hawk's Nest on the other side of the bay. Made and packed up some lunch for a picnic. We stop at a fish market on the way and pick up some oysters and black fish for dinner. We had a nice picnic at the beach. Georgie and Brooke went for a swim, while Pip and I talked politics and he explained the Australian system to me a bit. We walked along the beach to where we can hike up to the top of Hawk's Nest. As we're walking along looking at shells, several dolphins appeared and showed off surfing in the shore break. They heading away from us and I got my camera and ran down the beach trying to get a good photo. I got a few mediocre ones...none of them surfing. We do the steep 4K hike. It's a nice little workout and the 360 degree views on top are fantastic. We hung out on top a bit, goofing off and taking pics. We walked back, taking a quick swim on the way. We stopped at a little store and get some excellent milk shakes. Back at their house, Pip made us a very delicious fish dinner. We played cards, ate cookies, and drank til late. The card game was like Uno, but with a regular deck of cards. Brooke was definitely the champ that night.

Pip and Brooke at Hawk's Nest

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