Mar 15 - Road Trip...New Castle & Port Stephens, Go-Karts

We left Sydney and headed to meet up with Brooke and her boyfriend(Pip) who live up in Port Stephens. Plans have changed and Georgie needs to head back Melbourne on the 17th. I decided to keep travelling North on my own. We stopped in New Castle and I book an unlimited train ticket through CountryLink. I planned on heading up to Coff's Harbour and Byron Bay for four days.

I was supposed to meet up with Jenny Creek, a fellow Buffett fan, in Newcastle...but alas, I never printed the email with her phone numbers on it. We didn't really have much time in New Castle anyways, but it's a shame since we were so close.

We have lunch in a little plaza. There are some accordian players playing music. All of a sudden, I realize that I recognize it..."I left a little girl in Kingston Town". Yes, a song that Jimmy Buffett covered. I had to give them some money for that one. We go to the info center to look for a public pool when we found out about the Go-Karts!!!! We head over and have a great time racing. For the record, Georgie's fastest lap time was 1.2 seconds faster than mine(She'd kill me if I didn't put that in). It was SO MUCH fun! The girl working there, Natalie Cole(Born on the 4th of July), can't wait to come to the United States and figures she was an American in a past life.

We were picking up Brooke from her photography class that evening so we asked around about a good pub in the area and end up at the Kent Pub for a "Kilkenny". When she asked me if I'd had one, I thought for sure it was some kind of South Park take off. But it was an actual Irish beer to celebrate St Patrick's day since we would both be travelling different directions that day. We got some asian food across the street and then played cards til it was time to pick up Brooke in Mayfield. After we picked her up, we headed to Brooke's place in Port Stephens...stopping to get ice creams on the way. Awhile later, Pip came home from the Chinese Circus. He was thoroughly impressed with their abilities.

No Pics today, this is from the Ferry ride the day before

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