Mar 14 - Jet-Boat Ride, Ferry Ride, Harbour Bridge Climb, Johns Myth @ The Metro

We slept in a bit. Booked another night in the Hostel and Car Park. Headed back to the Harbour and had lunch at Rossini's...a fast-foodish Italian place. Then we had our Jet-Boat Ride. It was the BEST! 75KPH and doing 180s and jumping wakes in the harbour. We sat in the back so we could really feel the spins. We took a ferry to the other side and walked to the bridge for the climb

The prep for the climb was pretty full on. First you have to wear gray jumpsuits so you don't distract the traffic. You can't take anything with you except your glasses which have to be attached to a lanyard through a hoop on the back of the nothing falls into traffic. We got safety belts that attach to a track along the bridge climb. And we got radios so we can hear the guide is saying. We get a full safety lecture and they even have a practice bridge section to go through before the actual climb. Oh yeah, and we had to take a breathalyzer test. Our guide, Tracey, was and full of information and facts about the bridge and city. The climb was great...especially for a height junky like me. The peak was 134M and the views were excellent! Once back, and changed...we go to the picture room. They take your picture 5 times along the climb. You get a free group shot and certificate and can buy the others for a hefty fee. I at least wanted to see them, but their printers went offline and they were very backed up. Georgie was wanting to leave, but since we posed I at least wanted to see them. Because it took them so long, they offered us whatever we wanted for free. We ended up getting what would have cost $130AUD for free, so it was definitely worth the wait.

We were meeting up with Brooke, a friend of Georgie's. She knew a band who was playing, Johns Myth @ The Metro. So we headed over and met up with her and watched the band. Again, we were fairly underdressed and a bit dirty from our day's activities, so we hopped the train back to the hostel and cleaned up a bit and rushed back. The second band, "Flee the Capital" was just about over, but we had a drink and talked to Brooke and the members of Johns Myth. We decided to walk back to the hostel. Georgie couldn't believe when we past one corner and there were about a dozen hookers standing there...and I was glad she was with me so they left me alone.

Georgie and I on the Harbour Bridge climb

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