Mar 19 - Train back to Sydney, Country Inn Hotel

I showered and checked out. Stopped at the PO on the way to the train station and mailed some post cards. Then I caught the train to Sydney. It was scheduled for 9 hours, but it actually was 10...they kept telling us that they had to go slower due to the heat outside. About 90% of the way, the air-conditioner was broke in our car, but it wasn't too bad. I read "The Perfect Storm", which I really enjoyed. My room in Sydney was great...the nicest I've ever stayed in...and cheaper than any hotel I've stayed in here in the States. They even gave me a bottle of wine for booking two nights. I flipped on the TV and Simpsons was on...and coincidently it was the Australia episode. I went for a little walk, picked up some supplies, and mailed some postcards.

A view from my 9th floor room...the windows actually opened!

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