Mar 22 - Back to St. Andrew's, BBQ at Georgie's Dad's House

Train ride was okay, but a little cool while trying to sleep. Once in Melbourne I caught the city train to Hurstbridge change which got me close to Georgie's in St. Andrew's. The train should have been under an hour ride, but was more than two hours because of a fire. Once I got to the station I called Georgie's and Justin said she wasn't there. I tried Peter's mobile number, it was turned off. Having not spoken to Georgie since we parted, I wasn't sure what was going on. I decided to start walking towards St. Andrew's and figured if it was too far I'd catch a ride from someone. Shortly after I started walking, Georgie drove up. She had been home after all, but Justin hung up too quickly. I caught up with Cerise, Justin, Georgie, and Peter. Georgie told me that she couldn't find the card I gave her with Neil & Courtney's number and I didn't have it written anywhere else, so we couldn't contact them to get together. Georgie had set up a BBQ at her Dad's house. We bought some meat and stuff for the BBQ and Georgie made a couple salads. The BBQ was wonderful...good food and great company. It was Mel, Carol, Jude, Barb & Mark, Tom(Georgie's Bro) & Jamie(his girlfriend), Cerise, Peter, Georgie, and I. I spent a fair time talking to Mel and Barb about driving frustrations...not surprisingly the complaints seem to be the same there as here. We went back to St. Andrew's and had an excellent, long, warm, sleep.

No pictures today, Tasmanian Devil at the Featherdale Wildlife Park

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