Mar 21 - IMAX Movies, Maritime Museum, Ovenight Train to Melbourne

Yesterday was 33C in it's 24C and varying degree of raininess all day. Slept in til 9am, checked out 10am. Walked to the Harbour, stopping at the Post Office on the way. Things work out for the best somedays. I had planned on doing mostly indoor activities. Glad I went to the Blue Mountains when it was sunny and hot. It was a break in the rain on my walk down to the Harbour, just a few drops. By the time I got there, it was sprinkling. I bought tickets to two IMAX movies(Amazing Caves and Shackelton's Antarctic Adventure). I had about an hour. I got a Coke at McDonald's and wrote a thank you card to Georgie, which I hope she gets before she reads this. Both IMAX movies were excellent. The first one, Amazing Cave was the better visual one and it had some incredible climbing scenes...112F Arizona, 500ft into ice caves in Greenland, Bats in Georgia, and some incredible cave diving in the Yucatan. Shackelton's Antarctic Adventure was nice visually for sure, but it was really the story that was so gripping. It was tagged as "The Greatest Survival Story of All Time"...and after hearing it, I believe it. I want to get a book on it, but couldn't decide on which one when browsing at the Maritime Store. I walked over to the Maritime Museum and their last tour was about 30 mins away, so I bought a ticket and browsed the store. They had dozens of books that I wanted to buy, but settled on just one since my backpack was already very full. I got "My Old Man and the Sea" which had been recommended to me awhile ago. I could hardly put it down and read it every free chance I had, finishing it early into my flight home. Our tour guide was a nice old lady who gave us a lot of good info and history. I was surprised to find out that the museum was only 10 years old and didn't have that many really old artifacts. But they did have the anchor from the Sirius, one of the original fleet that wrecked in 1790...and a chunk of Cooke's boat, The Endeavour. I had some really good Lasagna at Pasello's. The waitress wasn't too friendly...I was a bit surprised on a rainy quiet day seemed like a good day to be nice and friendly. And then I got a cookies & cream ice cream cone from Andersen's. It was raining more than not, so I decided to go inside the mall and see what I could find that was waterproof. I found a nice lightweight jacket at the Bondi Surf Shop. A little setup, everytime I talked to someone, within a minute they'd ask where I was from. This guy after talking to him for a few minutes asked if I was a local. I thought that was cool, though I found out he was from New Zealand and had only been in Sydney for 3 months...but I still think it counts! One last stop at the Outback store before heading for my train. I bought my didgeradoo cd that I'd been wanting to get and a coupla more boomerangs. Not sure why it worked out so well, but it didn't rain a drop on my walk back to the train station. The train was on time 8:43pm. I had a front seat and no one next to me on a full train, which was cool...extra leg room! After a little reading, they turned off the lights and I went to sleep.

Only in a Maritime Museum in Sydney!

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