Mar 23 - Lazy Morning, Market, Lovegrove Winery

Slept in til 9:30am. Read on the porch in the sun. Georgie and Peter left to pick up her car from her Dad's and all my gear from her Mom's. I took a shower and walked over to the Market and walked around for awhile. The only thing I bought was an Australian Rules Football card for Rob. Stopped at the St. Andrew's General Store and bought some Gatorade and a Drumstick. Back to the house. Read some more. When Georgie got home, we went to Love Grove's. They had a wedding going on, but we were able to sample a few more wines and I bought a couple bottles to smuggle back home and one for the afternoon. Georgie and I had the wine and talked quite a bit. Cerise, Georgie, and I made a run into Diamond Creek and got a pizza. We picked up a young couple who were hitch hiking and drove them to King's Lake. When we got back, Peter and his Son(Jordan) were there watching the Simpsons on tape. We watched several episodes and the "Throw Momma from the Train".

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