Mar 04 - Healesville Animal Sanctuary, Boronia, "Conversations with the Dead"

It was sunny and warm all day. I met Justin, Georgie's other flat mate, on his way out in the morning.

Georgie and I head to the Healesville Animal Sanctuary. Her friend, Tiffany, works there so it didn't cost us to get in. We see all the Australian animals and have a nice lunch. Then we watch the excellent Birds of Prey show, featuring a kite, a buzzard that breaks open eggs with rocks in his beak, and the wedgetail eagle.

Afterwards we head to Georgie's mom's house in Boronia. I meet her Mom(Jude) and sister(Pip). I went with her mom and take the dogs(Rikki & Tessa) for a walk in a nice park with a lake while Georgie attempted to go for a swim at the local pool.

Jude, Georgie, and I went and saw an EXCELLENT play, "Conversations with the Dead" at the Malthouse(which had previously been a brewery). The play was very intense. It was about aboriginals who died suspiciously while in custody. A bit gut-wrenching, but VERY good...and very well acted. We had front row seats.

Just before we left for the play, we discovered that Georgie had locked the only key to the camper van inside. Fortunately the sunroof was open, and after a little fiddling I was able to use the coat hanger trick while balancing on the tire.

Georgie's mom fixed me some delicious spaghetti and Pip graciously let me use the bed she usually uses in the spare room. The girls went for a midnight run.

Wedgetail Eagle

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