Mar 05 - Hike in Dandenongs National Park, "Rabbit-Proof Fence", Dinner Tram Ride

Sunny and hot today. We had a fun breakfast. Georgie made eggs and toast...and Peter and I pretty much demolished some bacon(but it tasted great).

I helped Peter give the camper van a little tune and change the oil in preparation for our trip. Then Georgie and Peter dropped me off at Dandenongs National Park while they went to the gym. I went to the info office and asked the ranger if he could recommend a hike that would take about an hour. He asked what kind of shape I was in and I told him pretty good hiking condition. So he recommended the Kokoda trail(1000 Steps). It was a steep 5K trail, but he said if I hiked at a pretty fast pace I could make it in an hour...though the map said 2 hours. I found my way to the trailhead and started my quick hiking pace. It was steep and hot and sweaty, but it felt great. The area was very lush and beautiful. I took a couple pics on the way. One of a big Eucalyptus tree, where I had taken my sunglasses off, hung them on my pocket, and forgot about them because it was a bit shady on the trail. When it opened up on the top I realized they had fallen off somewhere along the way. It had taken about 45mins to get to the top, so I didn't have too much time to dilly dally. After explaining that it was my first time there to a couples from England and I didn't know if that other trail would get them back to where they wanted to go, I headed back down. I knew it was somewhere after the half way point that I lost my sunglasses and was looking as I was zipping back down the trail. It was about the time that I forgot about them, that I found them on the side of the the trail. I got back to the trailhead at the one hour mark. I think we all agreed that I got the best workout of the three of us.

The three of us went to see "Rabbit-Proof Fence". An excellent, well-acted, emotional film about the half-caste children that were taken from their aboriginal parents to be raised as white in hopes of breeding the aboriginal out of them. It was very sad, especially to think that this was going on until 1970. But the film was great and really captures Australia visually! It's scheduled to be released in the U.S. on June 21st.

That evening we were taking the Dinner Tram around Melbourne and we headed into the city. We had some time. Peter took a nap in the camper van and Georgie and I went for a walk around. Went to a book seems new books are one of the few things that are a little more expensive than in the states. Then we stopped by Polyester's and spent a lot of time looking around. The store's motto on the sign outside was "Totally Weird Shit". Then we got a Cooper's sparkling Ale at "The Planet Cafe".

The Dinner Tram was full on. A fancy 5-course meal:

Crackers & Pate...Champagne
Kangaroo...taste & texture much like a very tender tri-tip...Chardonnay
Multiple cheeses and crackers
Chocolate Mousse

Stella, our Maitre D', was wonderful. As soon as I told her I was from the U.S., she adopted a New York accent with us the rest of the night. She was very fun!

Georgie evicted Pip from the spare room again, but she seemed in good enough spirits for being woke up when we got home(see pic on Mar 07).

Stella and I on the Dinner Tram

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