Mar 06 - Souvenir Shopping in Melbourne, Sailboat Race, Yacht Club

We needed to give Pip a ride to school and the van key couldn't be found. We thought Peter may have taken it with him the night before since he drove home. Later, I found out it was in Georgie's pants pocket. It was about that time that I became the keeper of the key.

Georgie had some stuff to do, so I took a train into the city. I walked around a bit and did some souvenir shopping, highlighted by talking to the two blokes who worked in the sporting good store about sports. Then I caught the tram to St. Kilda to meet Georgie and to go for a sail. I got there a bit early and had several glasses of Cascade while waiting for Georgie at the Prince of Wales Hotel(Hotel=Pub in Australia). It was good, cold, and cheap...$1.90AUD.

We walked over to the Yacht club and I met her Dad(Mel), Stepmom(Carol), and others. We were planning on going on her dad's boat, "Obsession"...but it had a dead battery and they were 100% sure if they'd have it fixed before the race started. We were invited to go out on the "Sea Eagle", so we opted for the sure deal. We sailed with Kevin and his nice crew. It was a fun race. Mostly Georgie and I were just ballast, switching from side to side as needed ducking the boom...but on the way back I was given the task of leaning into the boom. After the race we went back the yacht club for dinner and drinks. We found out that "Obsession" after swapping batteries came in 1st! I had a lot of fun talking to people. I talked to Mark, a friend of Mel's from his boat, for a long time...then the three of us talked for the rest of the evening.

We went back to Georgie's Dad's to pick up a van to use the next day and then we went back to Georgie's Mom's. We hadn't planned on going back there that night, and Pip didn't take as kindly to be evicted from her sleep so I slept in the bed in her room.

I had the important job of leaning into the boom on the way back

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