Mar 03 - Walk to Masons Falls, Lovegrove Winery

I woke up fairly early and had a lazy morning. The bird sounds were like a rain forest...Bell Birds, Cockatoos, Lyre Birds, Cuckaburros, etc. The day started off drizzly, but the sun came out in the afternoon and it was beautiful. Around noon, Georgie and I drove to Kingslake National Park and walked to Mason Falls. Shortly into the walk we saw two wild cuckaburros. They are pretty cool...meat eaters that make noises similar to monkeys. There hadn't been much rain, so the falls themselves weren't too impressive. But the area was lush and beautiful.

Later that afternoon we went to Lovegrove Winery, about 5 minutes from Georgie's house...though she'd never been. We got there and a function was going on, but they were happy to let us do some wine tasting. The guy who served us, Phil, was great and provided us with a lot of info...and entertainment. We both agreed on which bottles of white and red we liked the best, Quest Chardonnay and Cab we bought a bottle of each.

That night Peter, Georgie's boyfriend, came over and we had a nice chicken/veggie pasta that Georgie and Angie made...along with the wine. That night I learned that Eric Clapton didn't write Cocaine or After Midnight. We were listening to a J.J. Cale CD that was really good.

Me in front of Mason Falls
Note: Georgie stood on that narrow railing to take the picture

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