Mar 08 - Road Trip...Bonnie Doon, Mansfield, Stockyard

Georgie and I packed up our stuff and headed out on our road trip. We passed through Bonnie Doon and stopped for the photo op below...then onto the little town of Mansfield, the last town we'd see for 3 days. We went to the park. Georgie took a nap and I wrote my first few postcards. Then we had a nice dinner at the Mansfield Hotel before driving up the hill. The road up was dusty and we had a 'roo hop in front of us and then later some wallabies. Once we arrived at Stockyard, we met two of the six staff...Cora(the cook, from The Netherlands) and Sarah(a rider, from England). They were both very nice. Jo and Carol, fellow riders were there when we got there and the rest trickled in through the evening...Neil & Courtney, Simone, Steve, Greg, Susan, Tom, Charlie, Lorraine, and Annette. Georgie and I were the first to sleep. They had bunk rooms...ours was decorated with Platipi drawings that circled the room and was very amusing to us among other things...we laughed ourselves to sleep that night.

Bonnie Doon...which was featured in the movie, "The Castle".

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