Mar 10 - Day 2 Horseback

7:30am Breakfast(Eggs, Sausage, etc). No tent to pack up...Yea! Almost no soreness...Big YEA!! Saddle up and leave at 10am. Today was steep uphill almost all morning and I learned to balance well standing out of the saddle and leaning forward over the horse. The calves got a little sore after awhile, but not bad at all. Had a nice lunch and rode to camp...Stoney's Hut. We had a nice break. I was surprised how many people set up tents when we had bunks in the hut to sleep in. Georgie and I took the penthouse and we were the only ones who slept upstairs. After a nice relaxing break we took a ride to The Bluff. It was totally gorgeous...360 degree views of the valleys below and the the surrounding mountains. I took lots of pictures. We rode back to camp, washed the horses, had a delicious roast lamb dinner with all the fixings. Tonight was joke night around the fire. We went around circle and everyone had to tell a joke(though a couple passed). After the first round, a few of us kept it going for a long time. It was so much fun. In this age of email jokes, it was good to get in some real old-fashioned outloud jokes. Somehow we bargained and actually ended up with 4 1/2 beers each. And again I was pleased that I had almost no soreness!

Georgie and I at The Bluff

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