Mar 12 - Hitch Hike back to Van...Road Trip to King's Cross, Sydney

I woke up first, then Georgie. We were the first ones awake and really wanted to get on the road to Sydney. We left a note and decided to hitch hike back to town. There weren't many cars and we didn't know exactly how far it was, but not too long before someone was Simone from the Horseback ride who'd stayed in a B&B outside of town. We were happy because it was about 8Ks back to town. We headed for Sydney. Shortly into the drive, I got to drive on the left side of the road for the first time and drove most of the way to Sydney. It was kinda fun! We got to King's Cross that night and it was a bit drizzly off and on. We found a car park that we could pay to park at in hopes that the van would safer there, since it was a bit of a seedy area. Though we were concerned at how much the people at the lot wanted to know if we wanted to sell the van. We walked around a bit, had a nice Thai dinner and took in a bit of the local entertainment(details available upon request). We slept in the camper van in the lot(the only actual time we slept in the van).

The only picture I took this night

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