Jimmy Buffett ~ Santa Barbara, CA ~ April 5, 2005
Bus Pass
Our regular meeting spot, Sharkeez, graciously offered to host the pre-party. Stars on the Water, one of our favorite bands, was booked to play the gig. We booked Bill's Buses to deliver us safely from the pre-party to the venue and back. We had two concert tickets donated to us from Margaritaville Tequila to raffle off for charity. We put together a raffle package that included the tickets, one night’s hotel stay, two passes for the bus, and two SBPHC club memberships. We decided to donate the money raised from this raffle to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. The response for this raffle was more than we ever expected and were very pleasantly surprised with the $1500 we raised for such a worth cause. We also organized a raffle and silent auction to take place the day of the event with the proceeds to go to Shambala, spearheaded by Carol and Christa. We all had several tasks to help get ready and we all came through with flying colors

When tickets went on sale, I heard they sold out in two minutes. I had several friends ask me about getting tickets. As the concert time approached, tickets started to become available from various sources. I successfully matched up quite a few tickets with pretty much everyone that was looking for tickets.

The Sunday before the show, several of our members showed up to start decorating Sharkeez with all of the decos Margaritaville donated (banners, blowups, etc)…and to finalize all the logistics for everything.

All of our hard work really paid off, we showed up early the day of the event, and nearly without a hitch, we got everything setup. Buffett DVDs playing on the TVs, Christa, Carol, Danette, Kitsie, & Robin sold raffle tickets…Janet was in charge of making sure everyone got their wristbands for the bus, and the rest of us had various other duties to attend to.

Parrotheads started rolling in, the band started playing, raffle tickets were being sold, the mermaid was swimming in the tank, lots of drinks and food were being consumed. Before you knew it, the place was full and fun was being had by all! I was mostly stationed out back, guarding the cash box and collecting the raffle tickets as they were sold. My original bucket of Coronas was refilled graciously a couple times by Jack and others. Before I forget, big thanks to Uncle Willie for relieving me a couple times, so I could relieve myself. Many friends stopped by and I made several new friends that day.

Once we started drawing numbers for the raffle, everything went so fast. Carol would call out the numbers, I’d write them on the dry-erase board, people would start claiming their prizes, and then it would be time for the next drawing. It all went pretty smoothly and before I knew it was time to start heading for the bus. While I was procuring some banners, someone procured the CDs I had made for the bus ride. No worries, we were all on the bus and heading to the show…WOO!!!

The raffle & Silent auction raised $2142 for Shambala, the bus ride raised $800 for Arrive Alive, and the ticket/hotel raffle raised $1500 for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. For a grand total of $4442 raised for three very worthy charities...all while have a big party! We definitely fulfilled our motto, "Party with a Purpose!".

A huge thanks to everyone involved in making the pre-party such a big success: Mike, Peg, Jack, Danette, Christa, Carol, Janet, Kitsie, Robin, Dave, Kathleen, Aron and the staff of Sharkeez, Stars on the Water, Margaritaville Tequila, everyone who donated items to raffle & silent auction, and all of the wonderful parrotheads who joined us to make our party such a huge success!

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