Jimmy Buffett ~ Santa Barbara, CA ~ April 5, 2005
Bus Pass
We all made it safely onto the two buses and made our way to The Bowl for the concert. It was a short ride, filled with lots parrothead frivolity as we were all primed for the concert. We made our long uphill trek into The Bowl, we all made it through security with our various contraband (cameras, booze, etc). Our seats were excellent, dead center in the first row of a middle section. We had a wall in front of us to set our drinks on. I can't tell you how many times I was warned by security for sitting on the wall before the concert (but it was a lot). We had a good time waiting for the show to start. We had pretty much the whole first row of our section and not many of us really stayed near our assigned seats...and certainly we weren't sitting down for most of the show. I really enjoyed the setlist and thought it was a nice mix. I also really enjoyed Jimmy's stories about spending the previous few days in Santa Barbara.
Hot, Hot, Hot
Piece of Work
Stars on the Water
Coconut Telegraph
Hey Good Lookin'
Ragtop Day
Come Monday
Diamond as Big as the Ritz
Woman Going Crazy on Caroline Street
License to Chill
Horizon Has Been Defeated
Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes
Cheeseburger in Paradise
Brown Eyed Girl

Johnny Carson Tribute
Why Don't We Get Drunk and Screw
La Vie Dansante
Banana Republic
Everybody's Talkin'
Southern Cross
Coast of Carolina
Schoolboy Heart
One Particular Harbour
It's Five O'Clock Somewhere
Scarlet Begonias
A Pyrat Looks at 40

While every Jimmy Buffett concert I've been to has been great, this show was special for me. Getting to see him in my own hometown, in such an intimate venue, and to share the experience with so many friends. It was really wonderful! After the show, most of us caught the buses back to Sharkeez. Some of us wound down there for a short time before heading home. I owe a huge thanks to Janet for graciously offering me a pre-arranged ride home, which allowed me to drink freely at this event. It was much appreciated as I knew I would be sober at the next two shows. We had one recovery day before heading to Anaheim on Thursday for the next show. That's a whole other story (Coming soon...)

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