Jimmy Buffett ~ Santa Barbara, CA ~ April 5, 2005
Bus Pass
Shortly after Janet joined our club, she asked when Jimmy would come back to Santa Barbara. Mike and I, with the utmost confidence, told her that hed never play Santa Barbara because it was too small of a venue for him these days. We were never so happy to be wrong!

One afternoon, while sitting at work, we got an email from Mike that says he has a reliable source that says Jimmy is playing at The Bowl. Within a couple days it was officially announced. What happened next, can best be described as a tornado of events that pretty much lasted up until the pre-party started on April 5th. Mike, our dedicated president, took charge of getting our pre-party planning started. Before you knew it, with the help of our core members and some members of the LCPHC, we had setup a top notch pre-party. Mike, our founding president, after two years of exemplory service also announced that this would be his retirement party...he wanted to end on a high note.

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