Jimmy Buffett ~ Santa Barbara, CA ~ April 5, 2005
Bus Pass

Jimmy Arrives in Santa Barbara


SBPHC Banner Flying Proud

Even the Hammerhead likes Margaritaville Tequila

The Silent Auction

Mike enjoying his retirement party

The Bus Slut

Carol and Jerry

Kelly and Sara

Andrew and Uncle Willie

Raffle Slut

Raffle Slut


That won't be Marco's Last Drink

Andrew and Robin

BWD on the Bar (Again!)

Christa with the Band

More SBPHCers on Stage

Jerry Rockin' the Crowd

Niiiice Christa!

Gina and Raul

Wouldn't be complete without a guy in a grass skirt and a coconut bra!

Mark, Big Wave Dave, and Marya

Visalia Pam

Parrothead smiles...gotta love it!

Andrew joins in...

Marco Hangin' Loose

Mike and Patrick

DEW takes a turn behind the bar

Kitsie guarding the auction items

Robin and Danette

Raul and his Low-Carb Marg Mix

The outside crowd

No telling what number Corona that was

Cutest Couple

Carol, Janet, and Mike

Steve, Laura, and Jim

Okay, we have a tie for cutest couple

Maybe a three way tie

Marco enjoying the bus ride

Lots of fun on the bus

Sara and Kel on the way home

Dave doing his Napster impersonation

Dean from Vegas...WOO!

Marco and Robin

Janet (Bus Slut duties completed)

Christa and Mike

Sara and Kel ~ All Smiles!

Kelly and Andrew ~ We're almost there!

Everyone off the bus!

I'm glad someone thought to take this picture

And the fun begins as the sun sets

Can you see us in the middle of the picture?

ACC + H3 = Trouble (Impressive lean Christa!)

Kathleen and Big Wave Dave

Before the show started

When the sun goes down...

...things get hotter!


Watch out for that shark!

Parrothead Lovin'

Heading home...

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