My friend Charlie wasn't able to make our annual Labor Day Death Valley trip this year, so we decided to plan an alternate trip. We decided on Veteran's Day weekend pretty early on, but didn't decide on a venue until the last minute. Mark had the idea of kicking it off with a night in Vegas and then heading to Death Valley. As time approached, Charlie suggested an alternate site, San Felipe, Mexico. I immediately thought it was an awesome idea, but unfortunately Mark wasn't sure he could get the okay from Sharron. It took some doing, but in the end he was issued an International Kitchen Pass. As you've undoubtedly heard, "What happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico". With that in mind, here is the story of our trip...
Nov 11 - Calexico, Mexicali, San Felipe, El Capitan Motel, Tony's Restaurant, Margarite Ville, Christy's Piano Bar, Bribing the Policia
Nov 12 - Rice & Beans, Soft Sand, Rancho Percebu, Christy's Piano Bar, Club Miramar, Rockodile
Nov 13 - Chuy's, 4 Wheelin' on the Baja 1000 Trail, Hiking, Tony's, Smoke Signals, Camping at Cantu's Cove
Nov 14 - Photographing the lighthouse, Pemex, One last run in with the Policia in Mexicali, Border crossing, Long ride home

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