See Ya Later, Dawn!!!

We're sure gonna miss you :..(

Dapper Dawn,
I can't bring myself to say good-bye, so I'll just say see ya later. I'm really sad to see you go, but I'm even more happy for you. Keep in touch!!!
Your Amigo and Way Gonzo Compadre(forever),

Good luck and I will miss your cute little self--hubba hubba!!
Michael and Brian's Mom

From San Francisco it is just a quick dash down 101 to Santa Barbara. Be sure to give us your address so we can drop by unexpectedly and cause you no end of embarrassment. No really, if I have your address I can keep you informed about the Getty. I'll miss you.

Good luck to you and everything you do!

By "best friend" I meant "the person I do the most stuff with"!

I'll Miss you and wish you all the best.

Hi Dawn,
It was nice getting to know you in our classes this quarter. Good luck with the job search and (brrrr) living in the east again. I hope you find all that you are looking for.

"Damn... The HOTTEST and COOLEST woman in here and now she's leaving!!!
Ain't that just like life?"
Paris(unauthorized quote)

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