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  • AndrewNixon.com
  • ...just plain cool!
  • Santa Barbara Forecast
  • ...for those cold New York nights-BRR!!!
  • Santa Barbara Newspress
  • ...in case you wanna know what we're up to here in SB...
  • The Discovery Channel
  • ...home of Shark Week!
  • Scooby Doo
  • ...Hey Velma!
  • Full Sail Ale
  • ...never did find that "Sale"
  • The Gap
  • ...Clothes!!!
  • Chocolate!!! and Coffee!!!
  • Music:


  • Paul Klee

  • Auguste Rodin

  • Santa Barbara Museum of Art

  • The Louvre

  • The Getty

  • The Guggenheim

  • Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

  • San Francisco Art Commission Gallery

  • The Museum of Modern Art

  • San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

  • Higher Learning:

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