Lompoc High School

Class of 1988 10 Year Reunion
November 26-28, 1998

Thursday, November 26th:
9:00pm Icebreaker at “Lennie's”
321 West Ocean Avenue

Friday, November 27th:
“Deja - Blue” Dinner & Dance at Elks Lodge
905 East Ocean Avenue
5:30-6:30 Cocktail Hour
6:30-7:30 Dinner
8:00-Midnight Dancing
*Please note that a group photo will be taken @ 7:30pm


Fellow alumnae and alumni,
Congratulations on surviving the first 10 years of what some people might classify as “adulthood”!

1) One who has attained maturity or legal age.
2) A fully grown, mature organism, such as an insect that has completed its final stage of metamorphasis.

With this ten year period complete it has become a mandatory “rite of passage” to attend your first high school reunion. Due to its importance in the whole scheme of adulthood, it would behoove you to attend and therefore bridge your transition to the “30 something” years. So please come join us in the lovely Valley of the Flowers for Lompoc High School's Class of 1988 reunion!!

If you need a rsvp/info form, click here.

Any questions or information regarding lodging, please call:
Kelli Johnson (805)294-4143 or email
Mike Anderson (805)736-9443 or email
Annette Villegas (805)736-7367

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